Lent Family 

Friday March 5, 2021

Thank you for joining us for our 40 Days of Lent family devotions.  What a blessing it has been to see our families loving and worshiping God in our homes during COVID.  May your journey through Lent bring you closer to the One who Loves and gave us His all.  

Devotion Time

  • Have children participate as much as possible whether it is reading the devotion or scripture or even helping to lead the additional activities with the family.  Let them try leading it for the family and pick the activities they want to try.  

  • Use a Bible even when scripture is on the website.

  • Set a specific time in the day that you will do the Family devotion so that they know it is an important part of their daily schedule.  

  • Go in depth, allow questions and search for answers together.  

Additional Activities to do with the devotion

Who are you thankful for.....

Watch the video of the Last Supper

What are ways that Jesus showed the nature of His heart in today's Bible video?  What words did Jesus say during the Last Supper that showed His 

Read Luke 22:19- 19 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”  

It says, "gave thanks"(v19), would you be able to give thanks to God even in bad and hard situations?  

What can you learn from today's Bible story? 


This Sunday is Family Communion Sunday, what new ways will you take Holy Communion?  This Sunday, take time to say your thank you to God as a family. 

Activity Page

Practice Gratitude...


With kids in particular, Gratitude practice is linked to enhanced happiness, optimism, improved social support, and overall satisfaction with school, family, community, friends and self.

Gratitude practice comes with so many science-backed benefits that I simply can’t not do gratitude practice with my son. Benefits such as: increased happiness, protection from stress and negativity, improved social intelligence, improved relationships, and even improved health.

Today, help your family intentionally practice gratitude with the following craft activities all week long.  Add to your gratitude tree or Thankful Jar today (Friday).  If you have done the Gratitude tree or Thankful Jar this week, take a picture and send it to Pastor Tarah.

Make a Gratitude Family Tree

Today, go for a walk outside, even if it is raining, and on your walk ask kids to look for things they can be thankful for.  Collect a few small branches and bring it back to the house.  Clean it and then find a jar and cut out different colored leaves.   Each night, sit together and each person fills out one thing they were thankful for that day.  Put the leaves on the branches each night and see the Gratitude Tree come to life with colors of gratitude.

Make a Gratitude Family Jar

Today, find a jar you can use to decorate the Gratitude Family Jar.  Provide colored pieces of paper (make them squares or hearts or different shapes) and have the family fill the jar with things that they were thankful for today.  At the end of the day, read together what each person wrote.  End with a prayer of thanksgiving.  Continue to do this throughout the week.

Ash Wednesday Family Service Video
If you would like to watch the Ash Wednesday Family Service video and follow along, you can click on this video.  
Remember that you can pause and mute  the video to have someone in your family to do the reading or to give your family time to do the activities.  
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