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Sunday Programs

Early Childhood Worship

Nursery:  6months-24 months

Ages:  Toddler 2-Kindergarten

Time: 10am-10:35am

Place: Preschool Lounge

Elementary Worship

Grade 1- Grade 5

Time:  10:00am-10:35am

Place:  Next Gen Chapel

Early Childhood

Bible Study

Ages:  Toddler 2- Kindergarten

Time:  10:45am-11:10am

Place:  Various (see map)


Bible Study

Grade 1-Grade 5

Time:  10:45am-11:15am

Place:  Various (see map)

Discipleship Programs

D6 (4th-5th Grade Discipleship)

D6 Discipleship

D6 is our 4th-5th grade discipleship program.  We meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month for a time of studying God's Word, growing together in fellowship & community and learning to be servant leaders.  D6 comes from Deuteronomy 6, it is a partnership between the church and our parents.

J.U.M.P. 24/7 (Kids Praise Team)

Kids Praise Team

J.U.M.P 24/7 kids praise team is a discipleship program giving children the opportunity to use the love and gift in music to serve God by leading praise in our Children's ministry worship. J.U.M.P stands for Jesus Ur My Praise 24/7!

A.L.L. Summer Camp

Kids Summer Camp


A.L.L. Kids Camp is our summer camp that is all about giving children the opportunity to meet Jesus, learn about Jesus, and become a leader for Jesus!

D6-4th-5th Grade Discipleship 2019

A.L.L. Kids Camp 2019

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