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Sunday August 2, 2020

During COVID 19, we will be worshiping online, so join us every Sunday with your family!

In case the above video does not work, click on the Worship Link below 

Special thank you to KUMC of Detroit, CCH-Dream KUMC, Chesterbrook UMC, and KUMC of Greater Washington for partnering together to provide these Online VBS Resources. 

Daily VBS Video 

For the next 5 weeks, we will not have any activity sheets for Sunday Worship, instead join us each day for a 20 minute VBS station video and on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can join us for a short ZOOM meeting to show off what you made!  Also just to say hello!!!!  Click on the link below to request a ZOOM link.

Come back to watch the daily VBS Station videos here!

Chew Chew Station - Thurs. Aug 6th
Schedule Info

Below is the Weekly VBS Schedule

All Videos will be available starting at 10am

Sunday:   Worship & Theme

Monday   Sing & Play

Tuesday   Bible Adventure

Wed          Imagination Station

Thursday  Chew Chew Snacks

Friday        KidVid/Mission

*We will offer each day, the above online station instructions but it is up to each family how they will do each week's theme.  You can spread it out throughout the week or you can set aside 1 day and do a few stations.

Today's Supply List

Chew Chew Snack Station

Popcorn, M&M, Skittles, cereal, treat bag

Tomorrow's  Supply List

KidVid Station

No supplies needed

Extra Experiment to Try at Home for Imagination Station
Child friendly Gospel Paper Trick

This week we learned that "Jesus' Power Helps Us to Live Forever" (Trust Jesus!)  What an amazing promise we have by believing in Jesus!  We learned about the death and resurrection of Jesus and what that means for each of us who believe that sin separates us from God and that there is no other way to God except through faith in Jesus.  

Help your child share this Good News with family and friends through this easy paper trick.  I have shortened the script so that a child can retell it.  


Child:  Have you ever wanted to see Jesus?  Wanted to go to heaven?  

            I wonder if we can go to heaven the fastest and highest flying airplane? 

Do:  Have the child fold the paper from step a-f.  Have the child show the airplane he/she made.  Pretend to fly it towards the sky.  

Child:   Hmmmm no I don't think an airplane so matter how fast or high it can fly can get to heaven.  

I wonder if we take the best rocket, maybe we can get to heaven? 

Do:  Have the child do step g by cutting the paper close to the inner spine of the plane.

Child:  Hmmmm no I don't think even a rocket can reach heaven. 

There is nothing made or done by humans that can get us to heaven where God is.  But.....

Do:  slowly open up the rocket.  

Child:  The bible tells us that there is 1 way we can get to heaven to live with God forever and that is to believe that Jesus is Lord and that He died on the Cross for our sins, so that we can live with God forever! 

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