KidVid Station - Fri. Aug 7th
If you missed a past Rocky Railway Video, no worries, click on the link below and watch them.  
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Below is the Weekly VBS Schedule

All Videos will be available starting at 10am

Sunday:   Worship & Theme

Monday   Sing & Play

Tuesday   Bible Adventure

Wed          Imagination Station

Thursday  Chew Chew Snacks

Friday        KidVid/Mission

*We will offer each day, the above online station instructions but it is up to each family how they will do each week's theme.  You can spread it out throughout the week or you can set aside 1 day and do a few stations.

Today's Supply List

KidVid Station

No supplies needed

Extra Experiment to Try at Home for Imagination Station
Jesus Helps Us Be Good Friends 

This week we learned that Jesus helps us to be good friends, TRUST JESUS!  God calls each of us to go into the world and to make disciples, telling them and show them God's love.  When we do this, we will discover that the world is a more beautiful place and that with God's power, we can spread God's love wherever we go.  

This week, let's try this Skittles experiment.  The Skittles represents us. 


Step 1:   On a white plate, place various skittles around the plate in a circle.  As you place each skittle, name some church friends or friends who believe in Jesus.  

Consider:  If we just keep God to ourselves, all the power that is within us in Christ is contained but ......... let's see what happens when we share the Good News with others.

Step 2:  The water represents the God's love and Good News.  Slowly pour water into the center of the plate.  Watch what happens. 

Observation:  What happened?  

Consider:  In Jesus' power, we can impact the world with God's love and make it a more beautiful place for everyone.  

Try:  See what happens if you only use 1 skittle?