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The word ADVENT means "coming."  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we want your family to take the time to remember and experience the people, places, and things related to the day Jesus came into the world as a baby. 

Each day of December, we introduce a new story in Chronological order of the events of Christmas.  I hope and pray that this Advent family devotion will help you bring the true message of Christmas into your homes and hearts.  

Devotions will be posted Monday-Friday each week! 

Wed. Dec. 23, 2020

Character Trait:
The Star

The Star and the Christmas Story

The Star of Bethlehem was a sign to the wise men, or magi, that Jesus had come.  The magi lived in the east and were smart.  They had studied the stars and planets for years. They knew that a unique star appearing in the sky meant the Messiah from the ancient prophecy would be born.  The star was so unique that nobody else seemed to notice it.  But the magi were discerning.  This means they paid careful attention to how God was leading them and what He was saying through Scripture.

Knowing the star's importance, the magi left their homes and followed it, hoping to find the Messiah. T he star led them all the way to Jerusalem.  When they arrived unexpectedly, they asked King Herod where the King of the Jews was living.  King Herod sent them to Bethlehem, and on their way, the star appeared.  Seeing it again overwhelmed them with joy! 

Because the earth rotates on its axis, stars appear to be slowly moving above us.  But the Star of Bethlehem did not move.  It stopped above the place Jesus was, proving that it was most likely a supernatural event, just like Jesus' birth.  While the wise men could not explain this miracle, they trusted God's Word and followed His leading. 

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Alternate activities for Praying for your neighbors.

It's cold and it's been a long week.  You probably want a break but in line with our Mission and outreach Advent project, take a Family prayer walk or take a Family Prayer Drive.  Put on warm clothes and go for a drive to an area that you want to pray for as a family.  Don't want to go for a walk for the internet!

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Visit the Fairfax Family Services (Drive there or search the internet and share more about the work they do and take time to pray for the children and families they help, the volunteers who serve there, the programs they are doing and for your family to commit to finding new ways to adore Jesus and tell others about Jesus through your worship and service.

  • Drive through your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors, your schools, and the businesses there

  • Drive to a nearby church or KUMCGW and pray for the church's mission, the pastors and leaders, and the congregation and those who are not yet in the church.

  • Drive to the any government building or the White House/Supreme Court and pray for the local, state, and federal government 

  • Drive to a nearby hospital or police/fire department and pray for the our First Responders and Essential workers, especially as there is a rise in COVID. 

Alternate activities for practicing hospitality

Hospitality is more than just welcoming someone into your home, it is welcoming and sharing your life and heart with another.  Hospitality is not just limited to a physical space like a house or a church but it can be inviting and welcoming someone into your conversation, into your time, into your heart and into your life.  


During Covid, we will most likely not be inviting family and friends and strangers into our homes.  So consider making a Christmas video for your family and friends to send to them.  

-Make a family Christmas video to send to family and friends

-Set up a ZOOM family get together for Christmas 

-Drop off cookies or box of fruit or even a meal  to someone who might be alone this Christmas

-Leave some snacks for your Mailman/UPS delivery person with a Christmas greeting.

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Alton Brown's Christmas Cookie Recipe
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Christmas Song Playlist

It would be fun for your family to create your own families Christmas playlist that they can play throughout the Christmas season.  But if you want some help or ideas, here it is!

Sharing our A stories from our homes

Just like we did in Lent, if you have pictures or short videos of your Advent family devotion activity, send it to Pastor Tarah through text or email!  


Charlotte Kim- drew Elizabeth and Mary from Thursday's Bible Story where Elizabeth welcomed Mary and took care of her, mentoring her.

Jayden's Advent Nativity Snack craft during Sunday school and finishing at home.


The question from Dec. 2 was, "draw a picture of one way you can help the world around you."  

Ellie Cho- Ellie at doctor's office so that no one will be sick.

Abby Cho- she wants to help to keep the city clean

Mama Cho- having in-person worship with all my family and friends

Ethan Cho- prays there's no more COVID and he wants to help clean the ocean!