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Read Through the Bible 

Join us as we read through the Bible in 2022.  You can download the Reading Plan or click on the link each day, as I post updates. For those who will be using the 365 Day Bible Reading Plan, there are many passages of Scripture that might be inappropriate for Children to read.  Our suggestion is that parents either read the passages first to discern which sections your child should read or as a family read it together so that you can answer any questions they might have.  

An alternative to the above is to read together the One Year Children's Bible.   I will be posting from the ICB International's Children's Bible version so that our younger children can read it with us.   I will not be posting any of the readings from the 365 Reading Plan, so please download the plan below.  For the first week we will cover the story of Joseph again.

For our Preschool Children, I will try to post a video if I can find one that corresponds to our reading plan.

This week's
May 23-27

1 Kings 1-3:1-15

"Your son Solomon will be the next king and will sit on my throne this very day, just as I vowed to you before the Lord, the God of Israel."  

1 Kings 1:30

"Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well."  1 Kings 3:9


May 23-   THE DEATH OF ABSALOM (1 Samuel 18)

David prepared for battle.  He divided his men into three groups and planned to go with them to fight.

     "You must stay here," they told him.  "If anything happens to you, everything is lost.  You can send us help if we need it."

     David decided to do as they wanted, but he had one request.  He made sure everyone heard it.  "Do what you have to do, but please do not harm Absalom!"

     The two armies met in the forest, and the fighting was fierce.  David's soldiers defeated Absalom's men, and thousands of men died.

     Then Absalom came riding through the forest, weaving his way through the trees, his hair flowing behind him.  Suddenly, his thick hair caught in the branches of a big tree, and he was pulled from his mule and left dangling in midair.  His mule ran on without him.

     "I saw Absalom hanging from a tree," said one of the soldiers to Joab. 

     "What do you mean you saw him?  Why didn't you kill him?" asked Joab.  "I would have rewarded you."

     "King David gave instructions that we shouldn't hurt his son," the man said.  "I wouldn't dare disobey such an order."

     But Joab wasted no time.  He and his 10 armor bearers found Absalom and killed him.

     Two men ran to David with the news of their victory.  But Joab warned them not to say that Absalom was dead.

     "The victory is ours!" cried Ahimaaz, who got there first.

     "Is Absalom alive?" asked David.  But Ahimaaz claimed not to know.

     "Is Absalom alive?"  David asked the other messenger.

     "I wish all your enemies would end up like he did," the messenger replied.

     Then David wept for his son.

     "Oh, my dear son, Absalom," cried David.  "How I wish I could have died instead of you!"


King David grew old and unwell, and soon the affairs of the nation were of less importance to him.  He kept to his room and was nursed day and night by a beautiful woman named Abishag.

     David's fourth son, Adonijah, decided to take over from his father and rule the people. 

     Joab supported him, but Zadok the priest, Benaiah, and Nathan the prophet remained loyal to David.

     Nathan went to see Bathsheba.

     "Have you heard that Adonijah has made himself king?"  Nathan asked her.  "You had better warn King David.  Didn't he promise you that Solomon would be king after him?"

     Bathsheba went to see King David and told him what she knew.  Nathan confirmed it.

     "I will keep my promise,"  David assured Bathsheba.  "Solomon will be king.  Let Benaiah take Solomon to Gihon, riding on my mule so that he can be anointed."

     Solomon was prepared and taken to Gihon, where Zadok took oil and anointed him king.

     "Long live King Solomon!" shouted the people.  Then thee was a great joyful procession, with the people making music and singing and shouting.

     Adonijah had been feasting with his friends and supporters.  They heard the sound of music and celebration and came to find out what was happening.

      "Adonijah's supporters realized they might now be in danger for taking the rival king's side.  They quickly made their way to their own homes, leaving Adonijah alone.  Adonijah was certain Solomon would kill him and he fled to the sacred tent.

     "I will not harm my brother as long as he does not betray me," promised King Solomon.


May 25- DAVID'S LAST DAYS (1 Kings 2:1-12)

When David knew that he was dying, he sent for Solomon.

     "I will soon die and go the way that all of us must.  The throne of Israel will belong to you and to your descendants.  Remember to obey God and to follow all the laws that Moses left us.  If you do as God says, he will bless you in everything you do."

     "Watch Joab," warned David.  "Remember that he is a murderer.  Make sure that he is punished."

     Solomon listened carefully to his father.  Not long afterward, David died and was buried in Jerusalem.  He had ruled for 40years, and under his leadership Israel had become a strong nation.


Solomon sat on David's throne and ruled as king.  But Adonijah still hoped to take some power for himself.  

     Adonijah went to Bathsheba with a request.

     "Solomon will listen to you," he said.  "Please ask if I may marry Abishag now that our father is dead."  

     Bathsheba told Solomon what Adonijah had asked for, but Solomon knew he wanted much more.

     "Adonijah cannot be trusted,"  Solomon told his mother.  "We will not be safe until he is dead." 

     Solomon sent Benaiah to kill Adonijah, and when he was dead, Joab ran away and hid, knowing that he was in danger for supporting him.  But Solomon had also given the order for Joab's death for the murders he had committed.

     Benaiah found Joab and killed him too.

     Then Solomon promoted Benaiah so that he was commander of the army in Joab's place.  He also made Zadok the priest.

     Solomon was now properly in control of Israel. 

May 27- GOD'S GIFT TO SOLOMON (1 Kings 3:1-15)

Solomon loved God and followed his father's advice by keeping all God's commandments.

     One night, after a day of worshipping God at Gideon, Solomon had a strange dream in which God appeared to him.