Join us this Sunday for our Virtual Family Communion Service at 10am.  On the first Sunday of each month, we have Family Communion Service and your children can access Children's worship anytime before or after the Communion service.  Click the link below to go to our Online Worship page.  Each week we have Preschool Department worship (Toddler-Kindergarten) and Elementary Worship (Grade 1-Grade 5).  


Heading 6
Children's Ministry

Kingdomkids 40Day of Lent Family Devotions

SAT.  March 13  @ 5:00PM

Sun.january 3

Student Packet Drive Thru


We will be doing our Student Packet Drive Thru for March and April 2021 Sunday school Craft Materials.  If you have children in Toddler-Grade 5, please come and pick up a student packet.  

Date:    Saturday March 6, 2021

Time:   12pm-12:30pm

Place:   KUMCGW Church parking lot


Please do not get out of the car,  and wear masks.  

On this day, you can pick up the following:

1.  Sunday school Class Materials for March and April

2.  Lent Packets (if you signed up for it to do Lent Family Devotions)       


*If your child lives out of State, please contact Pastor Tarah Lee and she will mail it out to you.     

Virtual Family Communion PDF


The first Sunday of each month, we join our church community to partake in Holy Communion virtually.  Kingdomkids Families will join the 10am worship service and after the Communion, children can leave to either go to the Kingdomkids online worship or to the ZOOM Sunday school classes.  


On Communion Sunday's children can take in Preschool or Elementary Worship at any time between 9am-12pm.  The link is above.


If this is your first time joining us for Communion, you can download the PDF in Korean or English to help your family prepare the elements and see what will happen during the service. 

We hope you will join us. 

40 Days Lent Family Devotions


The season of Lent is soon upon us and it is the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  It is a time set apart to pray, fast, and remember what Jesus did for all of us at Calvary.  We will be offering Daily Online Devotions for your children to do together with your family.  This year we will be using the  Devotional "The Way to the Savior"- we will discover what it means to follow Christ- Hope, Love, Thanksgiving, Commitment, Forgiveness, Trust and Obedience.

Lent begins Wed. February 17th with Ash Wednesday. 


This year, we will be offering students packets with crafts for once/week to do online.  If you would like to participate, please sign up below

D6 Discipleship Class

We invite all 4th and 5th grade students to join us every 2nd/4th Saturdays for our D6 ZOOM meetings. 

What do we do?       We have Bible study and play games and spend time growing in our relationship with God and each other.  Once we are in person again, we also go on fellowship outings and engage in community outreach.  

What do I prepare?    For the ZOOM meeting, each student does 3 weekly personal devotions and journaling.  Then during the ZOOM, we share our questions and thoughts.  

Each ZOOM students should bring: 

  •           Devotional book & journal

  •           Bible

  •           Snack & drink

Starting Next Sun. Sept. 13th, we will be holding our ZOOM....into Sunday School classes.  

Check your emails for Class ZOOM link or request a link below by giving your name/child's name/grade.

New Friends Always Welcomed!!!!

Sunday School ZOOM Schedule
Kindergarten A
Kindergarten B
Grade 1
Grade 2A
Grade 2B
Grade 3A
Grade 3B
Grade 4
Grade 5 Girls
Grade 5 Boys
Sunhae Kim/Young Hi Kim (A)
Youn Sun Yoo
Sun Hyo Kim
Eun Jung Kim
Yoon Joo Choi
Yunju Jung
Hyejin Jo
Kaitlin Ryu
Jiyoung Kim
Stephanie Kim
Sun Cha  Lee
Sowon Shin
Paul Lee
Sunday @ 11:00am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 9:15am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 9:00am
Sunday @ 10:35am
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