Online Children's Family Worship

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Join us each Sunday for our Kingdomkids Children's Worship.  Click the link below to go to our Online Worship page.  Each week we have Preschool Department worship (Toddler-Kindergarten) and Elementary Worship (Grade 1-Grade 5).  

Next Sunday June 20, will be our last ZOOM Sunday School for this school year.  Please join us each Sunday for our Kingdomkids Worship.

Please join next Sunday for our end of year Teacher's Appreciation Sunday!


End of Year Ice-Cream Social

Next Sunday June 20, we will celebrate our teachers and amazing students as they successfully finished this year's ZOOM Sunday School classes for 2020-2021!  We are so thankful for your participation!  

To celebrate, each class will have an Ice-Cream social.  Please prepare a small bowl or individual sized ice-cream and you can provide ice-cream toppings for your child.  The teacher will ask the children to get their ice-cream when they are ready to have it.  Before then, please keep it in the freezer.  

Teacher's Appreciation Sunday

The pandemic changed everything we did, including Sunday School.  This year, please help us thank and celebrate the amazing love and resilience of our Sunday school teachers as they taught through ZOOM throughout the year.  It kept us connected to God and one another.  

Please send in your 1 min thank you message (can be from student or parents) to Pastor Tarah Lee by June 11, 2021. 

Our Teachers' Appreciation Sunday will take place during our Sunday Kingdomkids Worship online on Sunday June 20, 2021!

VBS 2021

This year's VBS is "Treasured: Discovering You're Priceless To God."  Like last year, we will have a virtual 5 week VBS.  

Date:           Sun. June 27-Fri. July 30, 2021

Deadline:   Sun. June 13, 2021

Cost:           $10/first child and $5/additonal child and the money                         will be used towards a mission project.

VBS Packet Drive Thru will be on Sat. June 26, 2021 from 11am-12pm at KUMC GW.

Each Sunday will be holding our ZOOM....into Sunday School classes.

Last day of ZOOM Sunday school is Sun. June 20th.


Check your emails for Class ZOOM link or request a link below by giving your name/child's name/grade.

New Friends Always Welcomed!!!!

Sunday School ZOOM Schedule
Kindergarten A
Kindergarten B
Grade 1
Grade 2A
Grade 2B
Grade 3A
Grade 3B
Grade 4
Grade 5 Girls
Grade 5 Boys
Sunhae Kim/Young Hi Kim (A)
Youn Sun Yoo
Sun Hyo Kim
Eun Jung Kim
Yoon Joo Choi
Yunju Jung
Hyejin Jo
Kaitlin Ryu
Jiyoung Kim
Stephanie Kim
Sun Cha  Lee
Sowon Shin
Paul Lee
Sunday @ 11:00am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 9:15am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 9:35am
Sunday @ 10:35am
Sunday @ 11:10am
Sunday @ 9:00am
Sunday @ 10:35am