Sunday Children's Worship

Join us for Worship Sunday Sept. 25, 2022
Please join us for Preschool Worship and Elementary Worship at 10am.  Preschool Worship will be offered in hybrid and Elementary Worship will be live-streamed.  Please join us In-Person if you can, we would love to worship with you face to face!

***Next Sunday Oct 2, is Family Communion Service, so please go straight to the main sanctuary and sit together as a family.  Children will be dismissed after Holy Communion to go to Sunday school.  
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Join us each Sunday at 10am  for our Kingdomkids Children's Worship.  Click the link below to go to our Online Worship page.  

Preschool Worship (Toddler-Kindergarten)

Elementary Worship (Gr1-5)


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Elementary Live-stream Worship

Starting this week, we will not be pre-recording our Elementary Worship services but will start to live-stream our service from Children's Chapel at 10am.  


So, if you cannot attend In-Person, please join us at 10am!  See you all there!


Kingdomkids 2022-2023 OPEN HOUSE BBQ

Please join us for this year's Kingdomkids Open house on Saturday September 10 from 4pm-6pm in Soonwon Hall.

Come hear about the new school year and join us for family worship, food, and fellowship!!!! 

It is for all parents from Nursery to Grade 5.  This year, we are inviting all our grandparents to join us! 

For more information contact Pastor Tarah Lee, Elder Jennifer or Christina Kim GWSN

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Back to School Mission Project 2022

Every summer during VBS, children have the opportunity to participate in Operation Kid to Kid, a mission program that empowers children to help communities in need around the world.  This year our children donated 135 school packets for Native American Reservations across the US.


On Promotion Sunday, as we bless and celebrate our God's provision over our own children and community, Kingdomkids will be taking a special Back to School Mission Offering which will go to helping 2 organizations we have been helping:  Fairfax Family Services for their Backpack Donations and to UMCOR US Disaster Response and Recovery Advance.


We will continue to collect donations for UMCOR.  It costs $75/bucket including shipping.


If writing a check, please write:  "KK Back to School Mission"

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Register for Kingdomkids Children's Ministry 

Now that we are back In-Person, we will be starting our annual Kingdomkids Registration for the 2022-2023 School year.  We hope that you and your family will find KUMCGW a community where you can love God and love others.  


Read Through the Bible 

Join us as we read through the Bible in 2022.  You can download the Reading Plan or click on the link each day, as I post updates. 

Let's read our bible Monday-Friday each week.  I will be posting from the ICB version so that our younger children can read it with us.  

For our Preschool Children, I will try to post a video if I can find one that corresponds to our reading plan.

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March/April Newsletter

Kingdomkids Newsletter for March and April has been emailed out to all our families.  If you did not receive one in your email, please contact Pastor Tarah Lee and she will send it to you.  

You can also access the newsletter below.  We hope you and your family will join us for our upcoming programs.

Fall-O-Ween Jesus 2021

Thank you to all our families who participated by decorating their cars and handing out treats for our Trunk or Treat!  

Here are a few of the pictures that were taken last Sunday, if you have photos you would like to share, please email it to Pastor Tarah Lee. 

Thank you again!